NIV 2011 Edition Online

Posted by on Nov 1, 2010 in Bible Buying Guide, Bibles, Links, Software

The 2011 edition of the New International Version has been released online today.

You can read it at

and Biblica:

You can watch an introductory video on the Committee on Bible Translation (CBT) website here:

This update is based on the 1984 NIV rather than the more recent TNIV. I expect it will be more popular than the TNIV. Now I just have to wait for the Bibleworks and Kindle versions.

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Free Bible Software

Posted by on Oct 28, 2010 in Bible Buying Guide, Software

Bible software is one of my favorite tools for Bible study. There’s lots of good Bible software out there for free. Free is good. Here are some links to some of the more popular free Bible applications for PC, Mac, and online. Most include many Bibles versions, commentaries, dictionaries, highlighting, note-taking, and other study tools as add-on modules. Some modules are free, while many of them are available for an extra charge. Some Bible applications also have a premium version available.

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Taking Notes

Posted by on Sep 22, 2010 in Bible Study Methods, Software

I never go to Church without my notebook. The preacher will always say something that I want to remember and refer back to. Sometimes this leads me to study the topic further, sometimes it gives me verses to put in my memory list, other times it gives me a reference to use. Sometimes it gives me ideas for articles to write. This article contains some of my thoughts, methods, tips, and advice on using a notebook for personal Bible study and note-taking.

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BibleWorks 8 Part 3- Deepening Your Bible Study

Posted by on Aug 8, 2010 in Bible Buying Guide, Bible Study Methods, Bibles, Reviews, Software

BibleWorks 8 contains a vast wealth of study tools that allows you to study the Scriptures more deeply in much less time than the old fashioned way. This goes for preparing sermons and classes too. I highly recommend BibleWorks 8 for Pastors, teachers, writers, etc, but even more than that BibleWorks 8 can help anyone dig deeper into God’s Word.

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BibleWorks 8 part 2 – Favorite Features

Posted by on Jun 27, 2010 in Bible Buying Guide, Bibles, Reviews, Software

BibleWorks 8 is a vast program that heightens the quality of your Bible study through word analysis, parallel comparisons with other Bible versions, commentaries, and more. I’ve been using my free review copy for a few weeks now and I wanted to write a follow-up review and cover some of my favorite features that I’ve used so far. There are many excellent features in BibleWorks 8, so this is nowhere near an exhaustive list, but this will show how I’ve been using BibleWorks 8 and what I’ve found to be most useful so far.

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