Miklal Software Solutions KJV with Strong’s Markup and Dictionary of the Bible Kindle Edition

I’ve always like the idea of combining Strong’s Greek and Hebrew dictionaries with my Bible. For electronic Bibles, I always go for the Bible that allows me to click on a word and it gives me the Greek or Hebrew definition. The King James Version with Strong’s Markup and Dictionary of the Bible from Miklal Software Solutions does just that.

This Bible is awesome! Every word from the original Greek or Hebrew (and Aramaic) has a Strong’s number after it. Any word not in the original languages is in italics. All codes are linked to the dictionaries, so you can click on a word or the code in the KJV and you get the Greek or Hebrew definition. Within the definition you see the Strong’s number, spelling in the original language, pronunciation codes, transliteration, the definition, and other words the KJV translates the word into, and links to other Greek or Hebrew words that are related to it. You can even set the Strong’s dictionary as your default dictionary and you see a short definition just by moving the cursor to the word.

This is an easy Bible to use. It opens to the cover. The next page is the table of contents, where I selected the book and chapter I wanted and I was reading within seconds. Easy. Navigation and page-turning is fast. Even with the Strong’s numbers within the text this Bible is still very readable. It is excellent for study, and I was able to read it just fine for general reading. The KJV is in paragraph format.

You can also easily navigate the dictionaries and they can be used independently of the KJV Bible. If you know the word you want, simply select ‘Jump to Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary’ or ‘Jump to Strong’s Greek Dictionary’ from the table of contents. Once you’re there, you’re given an index of letters that are numbered. For example, in the Hebrew dictionary you have Aleph 1-871, Beth 872-1340, etc. Selecting a letter breaks it down even more by giving you the dictionary entries by their first 2 letters with numbers.

The Greek and Hebrew text look like the other MSS e-books. The text is crisp and clean. The Hebrew works in correct Hebrew order- from right to left.

This is already one of my favorite study Bibles. It makes the Kindle an even better tool for Bible study. It’s such an easy study Bible to navigate and use, and you don’t have to be a student of the original languages to use this Bible. I highly recommend the King James Version with Strong’s Markup and Dictionary of the Bible from Miklal Software Solutions. It will greatly enhance your Bible study.


Miklal Software Solutions provided this Bible free for this review. I was not required to give a positive review- only an honest review.



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