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The Prayers of Jesus Christ

Posted by on Apr 21, 2010 in Godhead

Many see the prayers of Jesus as proof of a distinction of persons within the Godhead. This leads to many questions. Do the prayers of Jesus prove that there are multiple ‘persons’ within the Godhead? When Jesus prayed, did he pray as God or as man? Did he pray from his Deity or his humanity? How did Jesus Pray?

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Ancient of Days

Posted by on Apr 6, 2010 in Godhead

The book of Daniel shows us a scene in heaven with God sitting on the throne. Daniel sees God in a vision and gives a very specific description: a garment as white as snow, hair like pure wool, a throne like fire, and wheels burning like fire. Daniel also sees one like the son of man coming to the Ancient of Days. Who is this sitting on the throne in heaven and who is the one like the son of man?

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All the Fullness

Posted by on Mar 18, 2010 in Godhead

Colossians 2:9 teaches that all the fullness of the Godhead dwells in Jesus bodily. Does this mean that all of God is in Jesus? What about God’s omnipresence? Does this mean that God did not live in heaven when Jesus was on Earth? Ephesians 3:19 says that Christians are filled with all the fullness of God. Is this the same as all the fullness of the Godhead dwelling in Jesus bodily? What is ‘all the fullness’ of the Godhead?

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1 John 3:1-8

Posted by on Mar 7, 2010 in Godhead

1 John 3:1-8 is an interesting passage. It is usually glossed over without stopping long enough to determine what the passage is about. It talks about the love the Father has given us. It talks about us being the sons of God. It talks about Jesus coming again.  Also mentions the law, defines sin, and that Jesus was manifest to take our sins away. There is one important point that most people don’t even notice: the passage starts talking about the Father, but never changes the subject. This passage reveals who the Father is.

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The Right Hand of God

Posted by on Jan 31, 2010 in Godhead

The scriptures tell us that Jesus sits on the right hand of God. There have been many interpretations as to what the right hand of God refers to. Some see the right hand of God as symbolic, while others see it as literal. If it is symbolic, what could it mean? If it is literal, does this mean that God has a physical right hand and that Jesus is separate from God because he is standing on the right hand of God? It is easy to get into a false understanding of God by misinterpreting this phrase.

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