Girl’s Life Application Study Bible, NLT

NLT Girls Life Application Study Bible, Glittery Grape Butterfly

is written specifically for tweens and teens and contains notes and advice on life. The Bible includes answers to tough questions about God, following Jesus, and loving others. There are many articles and charts throughout the Bible that pertain to important topics for girls.

The free review Bible I received from Tyndale is (roughly) 5.5 x 8.5 and is made from ‘leatherlike’ material. The style is ‘glittery grape butterfly’. It has a very ‘girly’ purple and pink cover and the text has pink highlights throughout.

The text is very easy to read. The paper seems to have a slight pink tint. It is not red-letter. I’m not sure, but it looks like maybe an 8 or 8.5 point font. It contains bold pink headings within the text, which are really nice.

The New Living Translation is very readable. I would recommend the NLT more for reading than study because it is a ‘thought for thought’ translation rather than a ‘literal’ translation, but as a reading Bible the NLT is great and it serves the purpose and the audience of this Bible well.

Features include a special presentation page, purple ribbon marker, designer page edges, memory verses, book introductions, timelines, charts, three-dimensional maps, and 16 pages of full-color illustrations about Biblical times. Other features include Amazing Facts, which are facts about the Bible, What Now?, which is real life situations with scriptures to help through difficult situations, I Survived!, which are personal stories of others that have endured tough situations, At a Glance, which are lessons about women in the Bible, and Is It OK?, which answers questions from a Biblical standpoint.

The Amazing Facts are usually short facts based on a verse or passage. For example, the Amazing Fact in Acts chapter 2 states that the disciples were able to speak in many languages they had not learned by the power of the Holy Spirit. The facts inspire further reading and study.

The articles from I Survived! give scriptures that apply to real life situations. They are very helpful to today’s girls because they will have a good Biblical basis and help build faith.

There are several charts throughout that give important information. For example, there is a chart for the six days of creation that includes scriptures that coincide with the facts on the chart. Another chart gives reason to read the Psalms with verses for each point.

The articles for Is It OK? have very good answers to tough questions. The answers are straightforward and to the point and include scripture to back them up. For example one question asks if it is OK to try out other religions. Another question asks about Ouija boards. Both answers include scriptures and a straight answer that is exactly what our tweens and teens need.

Overall, this is a very good Bible for today’s girls. I don’t always agree with the doctrines taught, but I do agree with most of the principles taught. Judging by the response from my daughter as she opened this Bible, I would say it is very appealing to girls. I recommend this Bible. 5 out of 5 stars!

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  1. sounds good, got a niece and granddaughter ,teens, can I say, terrible teens,instead of terrible twos, I need lots of help with them…..

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