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Speaking in Tongues

Posted by on Dec 12, 2009 in Gifts of the Spirit, Salvation

God chose tongues as the initial evidence of receiving the Holy Ghost. Speaking in tongues is God speaking through believers in a language we have not learned. The languages are real. As seen in the second chapter of Acts, sometimes people that hear others speaking in tongues will recognize the languages that are being spoken.

The idea of speaking in tongues was not a new concept to those in the upper room awaiting the gift that Jesus told them to wait for. They had read the Old Testament Prophets that had prophesied about God using tongues in the new covenant. Isaiah prophesied that God’s people would speak with tongues.

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Spirit Baptism – Baptized by Fire

Posted by on Dec 7, 2009 in Salvation

When Jesus brought us the new covenant He had a plan that would allow us to have a closer walk with God. This ‘newness of life’ is a baptism of fire that is the Spirit of God dwelling in us, giving us power and strength to live an overcoming life. Spirit baptism is not just an extra benefit- it is part of salvation. Spirit baptism is as much as part of the new birth as water baptism. Several terms in scripture refer to Spirit baptism, including filled with the Spirit, born of the Spirit, filled with the Holy Ghost, and many others. Let’s look at scripture and see what Holy Ghost baptism is all about and see who it’s for.

John the Baptist taught about Holy Spirit baptism, referring to it as a baptism of fire.

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