12 Minute Prayer Challenge by Anita Sargeant

Most Christians struggle to pray just a few minutes a day. Eventually, a few minute a day becomes a few minutes a week. A lot happens to our spiritual health and growth when we let our prayer time slip. We become caught up in the cares of the world. We lose sight of what God wants us to do. We become lukewarm, and eventually cold and backslid. The solution is prayer, but the question that keeps us from prayer is how to start. How do we build a successful prayer life that will help us to grow in God?

12 Minute Prayer Challenge by Anita Sargeant is a book that shows just that. In this book, Anita Sargeant demonstrates how to build, develop, and maintain a successful and consistent prayer life. Anita lovingly and vividly shows us how to pray using the Lord’s Prayer as a model. She uses the unique analogy of a house and its rooms to teach the Lord’s Prayer and provides example prayers to get us started.

The example prayers even have a devotional element to them. You could read the prayers as a short devotional or daily meditation. Some of the prayers include questions for us to answer and blanks to fill in. This helps us to think deeper about our prayers, which helps us to get more out of prayer.

Even though this is a small book, it is very obvious that a lot of difficult research has gone into writing it. Anita has included lots of scientific facts about prayer including quotes from neurologists on the benefits of prayer.

Anita also shows that 12 minutes is just a starting point. Once you’ve developed a 12 minute prayer habit, it is easier to pray longer and more fruitful. I highly recommend 12 Minute Prayer challenge by Anita Sargeant.  Praying just 12 minutes a day will make a difference in your spiritual journey.

You can purchase 12 Minute Prayer Challenge by Anita Sargeant from ApostolicWinds.com or Pentecostal Publishing House


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