Homemade KJV Looseleaf Bible

The looseleaf Bible is one of the best Bibles for study because of the amount of room for writing and the ability to insert pages for notes, maps, etc. Jonathan Ammon of Bible Reading Project has demonstrated how to make your very own KJV looseleaf Bible:

Homemade KJV Looseleaf

Jonathan also gives many helpful tips on Bible study and marking. Even if you’re not interested in making your own looseleaf Bible, his article is worth reading for the tips alone.


  1. Thanks for the feature. I’ve been meaning to get around to making a blog roll and Studies in Scripture will definitely be featured. If I had known about this blog a few months ago, I might not have started mine.

  2. Thanks Jonathan. I’m glad you started your site. You have a lot of good things to say about studying God’s Word. Your site is already a valuable resource. Just imagine where it will be a year from now.

  3. I would like to get a copy of how to make a loose leaf bible please.

  4. Does the loose leaf Bible come in Lg Print ? and KJV?

  5. I too printed out my own KJB – all the NT and am printing the OT now.
    It is a great way to study the bible book by book.
    Or just for reading – a page is much lighter than an entire book.

    Used 12 pont Times Roman double column for easier reading.
    1.5 inch margins – can take a few brief notes in margin.
    Printed on both sides – punched for 3-ringed binder but can be punched with a comb or spiral binding machine and sewn with string to make a bound bible.
    If you decide to sew your bible – you will need to make it several volumes or print with a very small point font.

    Makes for a great system to add notes, pictures, maps, references, commentary.

    Try a simple book – Philemon or Jude and see if you would like to create your own.
    I like mine.


  6. Christianbook.com sells a looseleaf kjv that you can put in a binder.. Its a lot easier than printing your own

  7. I would like to have a loose-leaf KJV Bible that has space and/or lines where I can make notes.

    Currently I have found only one such Bible; but it is out of stock. Can you recommend a place where I might purchase such a Bible?

  8. I was wanting a copy of the KJV printable bible. I have been trying to copy it to take it to the girls at the detention center I go to as part of our bible study. So that we are all reading from the same bible. Can you help with this.


  9. Hi Susan. The best thing to do is do a search for printable KJV and download all of them to see what works best for you. There are several on the web that have different layouts and formats. I also recommend changing the font if you need to.


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