Oneness PowerPoint Video

Ryan Gustason has made an excellent video from his PowerPoint teaching series. You can see the video here:

Oneness PowerPoint Video


  1. Mr. Gustason, I was wondering if you had made a power point presentation covering Dr. Jason Lisle’s book, Ultimate Proof of Creation.  I am looking at creating them myself for a “small group” study that I’ll be kicking off soon. 

    I googled “Jason Lisle’s Ultimate Proof of Creation Power Point” and got your information.  Thank you!

    In Christ,

  2. Hmm… interesting that my info popped up using that search criteria…  Never the less, unfortunately I have not read this book.  I happen to have mixed feelings about Old Earth Creationism and New Earth Creationism.  I think I lean more towards Old Earth Creationism however.  Thank you Randy for notifying me of this comment.  I also apologize to Lance for the late response as I am at sea quite a bit recently. Might be an interesting Power Point project for the future.  Thanks! I’ll file that away in my “future projects on a rainy day” section.



  3. Oh,

    As a side note, try searching for Ultimate Proof of Creation filetype:ppt

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