Online Apostolic Study Bible and Commentary

Apostolic Evangelist George Cardenas, of Reap WorldWide Ministries, has been working hard in his spare time to develop an Apostolic Study Bible. He plans to first complete the New testament, and then work on the Old Testament. You can see his work on the New Testament, which is available in several file types, here:

Apostolic Bible Version 2000

George is also working on an Apostolic commentary. You an see what he has written so far here:

Apostolic Commentary


  1. Hello brother keep up the hard work this is a well needed bible! I herd the UPCI have been working on a study bible for the last five years…. By the way the link is broken on 2-Pet not able to down load it..

    God bless you in all that you do for HIS glory in Christ Jesus our Lord..

  2. Thank you

  3. Is act 2:38 the way to salvation?

  4. World lĂ­nea to download

  5. We really need these informative resources!

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