Prayer Request – Pastor Hughes

Please pray for my Pastor, Larry Hughes. He developed high blood pressure this week. It has bothered him for the last few days. He doesn’t have insurance so he hasn’t gone to a doctor to get medicine. Your prayers are appreciated.


  1. Dear Brothers in Christ,

    God has given us the knowledge that we need to live a healthy life. I understand why God’s people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.

    Please go to the website above and then give me a call or send me an email. Knowledge is power if we know how to use it. We do not have to be a prisoner to sickness and disease.

    Your Brother in Christ.

    Jerome Laney
    317-545-4002 / 317-979-2546

  2. Dear Pastor,

    I now have a better understanding as to why so many people are sick when we really don’t have to be. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). Knowledge is power is we have it and know how to use it. Satan doesn’t want us to be privy to the knowledge that is available to keep us healthy. Please go to the

    Please go to the bottom of the site and listen to Dr. Joel Wallach and then call or email me if you are sick and tired of being sick and seeing God’s people sick.

    Be Blessed,

    Jerome Laney
    317-545-4002 / 317-979-2546

  3. Hello, my name is Aretha Rambo. I reside in Opelousas, LA and do not know of any Church that teach about the water and the blood in the area I live in. I was Baptist at 19 years old in New Orleans in a Baptist Church but I still do not know about the water and the blood. I would hear preachers preach about the power of the cross as though the cross had power but not the water and the blood meaning the Baptism of Jesus Christ and the blood He shed on the cross for my sins and the sins of the world. I recently found out by accident when I request some Christian books by mail. One of the books came in the mail by Paul Jong about Have you truly been born of the Spirit. I have never really heard these teaching before. I read about the baptism of Jesus but I never knew it was important to my salvation. Now I believe in the baptism of Jesus Christ as part of my salvation. I would like a church that teaches about the water and blood which is the baptism of Jesus and the shedding of His blood for my sins and His death on the cross and that He rose on the third day and is now seated at the right hand of God and that God the Father send the Comforter the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us into all truth. I pray for me to find a church that teach about the water and the blood and that keep the Sabbath which is Saturday holy. I pray that my daughter and grandson get saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. I pray that God give me the Holy Spirit in Jesus name. I will be 47 this year if God spares life and I just now hearing this message about the water and blood and the Spirit. I do believe this is the complete message of salvation. Please, pray that God grant me my request in Jesus name.

  4. Please, if you know of a church who teach about the water the baptism of Jesus and the blood that Christ shed of the cross and the Spirit for salvation who also worship on the Sabbath day in the State of Louisiana please, contact me at or text me at 337 207-9760. God bless Aretha Rambo

  5. A special note for Pastor Hughes: God has said in his word that he gave the herb for medicine. There are numerous websites offering herbal concoctions for relief of sickness and cures for disease. Many are nothing short of what is called :snake oil”. I would say look at the various websites and consider how the facts are being made known. There is a website I really like as this author has his own lab where he detects dangerous substances used in many supplements or substances that do little to do what the website claims. This website can be see when you put “Natural News” in your search engine. I encourage Pastor Hughes to look at this website where there are factual cures for diseases that the FDA and the AMA don’t want people to know about.

  6. A prayer to jesus rebuild my friendship with bruna cristina rodrigues, we commit a sin and now she and the church want me to leave,everyone in the church wont talk to me anymore and the worse is seeing her to reject me for our sin,i cant take this jesus,she wont talk to me cause the pastors and people wont allow her to please ask god to break that cause god is in charge and not people also for her not to be ashamed of me and the sin we comitted anymore,not even jesus remember the sin as we asked HIM for forgiveness so help her break that shame please.Shes super friends with the pastors and the pastors daughter ,the music ministry leader,which she used to play with,so everyone just stick up for her thats why she always told me “i sin then i ask jesus to forgive me afterwards like i always did”, people never telll her off they just stick up for her everytime she comitt a sin or when they see her doing it.She crashed her car a few months ago cause we did sin in her car,jesus told her that,now shes got a bf and she has just crashed her car again,she knows why,shes doing things in her car,she didnt pray to God to ask HIM if this man is the one she should be with,and now hes making her just commit a sin,jesus told her and she knows satan is waiting anxious to kill her in a car accident and she keeps playing with satan,what can i do apart from praying?i keep worried about her cause i did help her sin b4,its awful to be in my place.She thinks i told the pastors what she did cause i want to piss her off please lets pray for her to understand i only care about her.Shes my only family and turned back on me for a mistake we both committed, please ask the lord jesus to get inside her heart to forgive me and be filled with love for me again and be my family again,i even just lost my job which will make it difficult for me to go to the church as much as i am working around here, nothing worse could happen to me, all i do is cry,shes even changed her number, i feel lost when i cant talk to her,why she has to punish me like this oh lord. shes very important to me and im suffering everyday crying missing her and we used to be like sisters, it is so hard i feel like i want to die right now, my lifes over. On top of that people persecute me at work and did still do black magic against me and against brunas life,her own auntie does that.please help, she needs to come back and talk to me.She even said i should talk to God why she cant forgive me and not to her ;(. Also id like to ask you all to pray for her to come into her senses in the sexual area, she needs protection in this area so badly, im worried about her. she just goes out with any boy.she keeps even inside the church looking for attention from boys,even men in relationships,and the single ones she gets their focus out of the word of god when theyr preaching in the church and thats wrong cause she needs to focus on getting attention from god and not men. shes an atttention seeker. ask the lord to keep her more than anything please.its too hard worrying about someone who wont let u help them anymore ;( i do not want her to make the same mistakes in relationships again cause thats the reason they dont allow her to play in the church anymore. And she wants to go back at playing in the church more than anything. and i also pray to god she will cause thats her life and the reason why she cant forgive me i suppose.please do not pray if not going to ask god to rebuild my friendship,cause that friendship its my hearts desire. really. Please pray for people in the church not be in the way between me and bruna,i cant talk to her cause theres always someone aroubd like a bodyguard as if i would do something bad to her theyre just stupid…and haters..pray als to god to end this relationship she has with this boy cause hes getting her out of the church and hes responsible for her not forgive me please,hes leading her away of the church and her personal relationship with jesus,he keeps sending her whatsapp msgs when shes at the church,calling her,going out with her and bringing her home at 5am,she used to be a good crhistian girl until shes met this man,he only wants to use her and get her out of the church. he doesnt want anything to do with god.and last week she asked the ┬┤pr if she could be my friend again the pastor said no but only because she is friends with bruna for years and they barely know me in the church and th pastor is worried about the churchs image not about me. i feel like crap. someone help praying for her forgiveness and friendship with me please im desperate .Can someone help me out with a praying campaign for my friendship please? Iknow we cant change brunas or peoples heart but we can pray to GOD TO CHANGE HER BAD BEHAVIOUR AND HEART otherwise what would be the point of following jesus and praying? so no excuse for not praying for her to change…i also need prayer against jealous i tend to be jealous of people i like, and i hate that feeling cause people dont belong to us but god, help please.thanks giselle

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