Proving the Existence of God part 1

When dealing with unbelievers (such as atheists, agnostics, etc.), they generally scoff at the idea of a supreme Deity and they usually ask for definite scientific proof for the existence of God. Can God be proven scientifically? Not directly. Why? God created all things- including science. This means He lives outside of science. He is not governed by the laws that we observe as science. Science deals with what we can see, observe, demonstrate, test, measure, etc. God lives outside of the constraints of the Universe and its laws. But we can use these same scientific laws and show how they indirectly support the existence of God.

There are three major areas that I see that support the existence of God:

  1. The existence of the Universe and everything in it, including scientific law
  2. The existence of the Bible
  3. The existence of moral law

There are many others, for example personal experience. We do except the existence of God by faith, but it is not a blind faith. It is a faith that is backed up by reason and scientific law. In the next few articles we will look at each of the areas more closely.

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