Second Chance by Noriko Chapman

Second Chance by Noriko Chapman and Daryl Green is several stories in one. It is the story of Noriko Chapman, cancer survivor, mother of two, non-profit volunteer, Production Control Supervisor, and MBA student. Second Chance gives inspiration to non-profit organizations to become more effective in Operations Management while remembering to inspire those they assist.

The purpose of Second Chance is two-fold – it tells Noriko’s story as a cancer surviving patient, and it serves to provide non-profit organizations with Operation Management tools that they normally would not have access to or knowledge in. These tools help organizations to be more efficient and effective in meeting the needs of their clients.

Noriko’s journey is based strongly on faith and the Word of God. She quotes Scripture and applies it to her life, building her faith as she faces the obstacles of a volunteer, supervisor, mother, student, and patient. Noriko is inspiring in both her faith and her effectiveness and eagerness to teach organizations Operations Management in a way that doesn’t require them to have an MBA.

Second Chance is not only an inspiring journey, but it is also an informative and easy to understand guide to Operations Management. I recommend Second Chance because it not only gives non-profit organizations the tools they need to become more efficient, but it gives them a reminder of why they exist to help others in the first place.



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