The Book of Revelation 2:22

Cast into a Bed

“Behold, I will cast her into a bed,” (Rev 2:22a KJV)

God gives the Church of Thyatira ample time to repent. After the time to repent is over God will pronounce judgment. They used the bed for adultery, so God will cast them into a bed for sickness.

Bed – 2825 κλίνη kline {klee’-nay}

Meaning:  1) a small bed, a couch 2) a couch to recline on at meals 3) a couch on which a sick man is carried

Into Great Tribulation

“and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation” (Rev 2:22b KJV)

This is not the Great Tribulation we see starting in chapter 6. This is tribulation of sickness and sorrow.

2347 θλῖψις thlipsis {thlip’-sis}

Meaning:  1) a pressing, pressing together, pressure 2) metaph. oppression, affliction, tribulation, distress, straits

God is promising great trouble on those that do not repent of their wickedness, but He still gives space to repent.

Except they Repent

“except they repent of their deeds.” (Rev 2:22c KJV)

God promises judgment, but He still gives another call to repentance. He will not pour out His judgment upon those that obey Him.

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