The Christian Writer’s Market Guide 2012 by Jerry B Jenkins

The Christian Writer’s Market Guide has been the go-to guide for Christian writers for the past 25 years. It contains many recommended resources for getting published including editors, publicists, agents, etc. It even includes information on writing and writing teachers.

This book is a wealth of information. It contains over 500 pages and is broken up into four sections, with each section broken up into chapters. The sections are:

  1. Book Publishers
  2. Periodical Publishers
  3. Specialty markets
  4. Helps for Writers

The Book Publishers section is almost 200 pages and lists publishers according to topic and alphabetically according to name. One really helpful chapter is the section that shows which topics are most popular with which publishers.

The Periodical Publishers section is over 300 pages and contains the same type of information. It also includes information on Devotionals, Missions, Music, and more.

Specialty Markets is a smaller section with 10 pages and covers markets such as Cards, Games, Software, Gifts, Video, etc.

The Helps for Writers is about 90 pages and includes conferences, workshops, writer’s groups, contests, publishers by denomination, and more. I’m glad this section is here. It’s easy to focus on whom to get published with and forget how to write worth publishing. The contests include fiction, nonfiction, poetry, plays, screenwriting, scriptwriting, children, adult, and lots of resources.

All of this is followed by a glossary and index.

This book is well organized and laid out, making it easy to find anything you need quickly. The information is a must for writers desiring to be published. I recommend this book for any Christian writer, even for those that will self-publish because the Helps for Writers include lots of information on where to find help in honing your writing skills and editing.


Tyndale provided this book free for review. I was not required to give a positive review- only an honest review.

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