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The Holy Bible : arranged so as to give as far as possible the accuracy, precision and certainty of the original Hebrew and Greek scriptures on the pages of the Authorized version, by means of simple and appropriate signs, and with the divine titles distinguished and explained (1890)

The Thomas Newberry Bible is available for Kindle, EPUB, PDF, and more., including an online version. It can be downloaded here:

Newberry Bible


  1. I can not download the bible . Please help . Thanks

  2. Top download

  3. Hello Randy
    Have you ever ran across a copy of the Single Column edition of the Newberry Bible by Penfold Publishing? If so, what was your impressions? Also, I was informed that a *publisher in Scotland* is planning on reprinting an edition sometime in October of this year. However, I’m unsure of which edition, the double column or single?
    If you find out anything please let us know.
    *Ritchie Christian Media in Scotland

  4. Hi Norm. I haven’t seen the Single Column Newberry. If I come across one I’ll let you know. Thanks for the info on the reprint. I wonder if the publisher in Scotland is RL Allan? I’ll see what I can find out.



  5. Randy, The publisher based upon the information that I was given is Ritchie Christian Media, they have a website, but I could not find any listing of the bible, although I have not tried calling direct. According to the source it was due out in OCT/NOV of this year, however they were unsure as to whether it was the single column version or the dbl column.

  6. I love the Newberry Bible, has been my bible of choice since the ’80’s, on my second one due to wear.

    I would love to see a Newberry with a larger margin, and also loose leaf with each book separated from others, so I can place the books in chronological order of writing. I know this is going a bit too far, but also without chapter and verse so as to read like a book.

    What do you think.

  7. Sounds great John! I think every study Bible should come in the format you’re describing.

  8. I have used the Newberry Bible as my primary bible since the late 1960’s. The original text was published in the 1880’s as a single column. Later editions were done in a double column format. In 1977 Kregel publishers in Michigan re-printed the Newberry double column. In the 90’s it was re-set and printed by Penfold Books in Britain. Ritchie Publications (now Ritchie Media) were to do another reprint in November 2013. It was available from Penfold in an interleafed version as well as a “wide” margin that was not as wide as it could have been. There are no personal notes from Newberry but there is a wealth of language helps in the bible. Newberry was a scholar of ancient Hebrew and Greek as well as a bible student. He wrote commentaries that are still used widely today by serious bible students. The Newberry bible is a great help in bible study.

  9. Hi Lorne. Thanks for the reply. The interleafed and wide margin editions sound interesting.

  10. I have a copy of Newberry’s “single column” study Bible, with notes on page, key words given in OT Hebrew and NT Greek (original koan Greek) ! Thomas Newberry was a great man of God, self taught in the Hebrew, and Greek Languages , as well as Biblical Aramaic, and other languages ! I would love to get other copies of the Newberry single column Bible, however I believe it is out of print, and I know no Publisher with plans to bring it back in print, but I will keep praying that God will lead someone to !

    Brother Bruce


  12. When you click on my link (the words Newberry Bible) you’ll see the links on the left side of the screen.

  13. I need help to download the new berry bible

  14. Hi Patsy. What happens when you click on the link?

  15. Thanks

  16. Thank you

  17. Ards Evangelical Bookshop in the UK ( now has the John Ritchie publication in stock, and it is in single column format, calfskin leather. 50 pounds sterling which equates to $78.12 USD. I’ve just glanced through mine, but I have to say it is amazing. Example: Genesis 6:14 “Make thee an ark of gopher wood; rooms shalt thou make in the ark, and shalt pitch it within and without with pitch” which is shown in the side-column to read as: “pitch, root, cahphar: to cover, to make atonement”, which, to me, speaks of Jesus Christ. I had heard this elsewhere, this is the only Bible where I have seen it spelled out. I plan on getting another, as I do believe mine is going to get some extensive use. I also read on another blog that the pastor who was reviewing the Newberry used it along with Bullinger’s Companion Bible and the Thompson Chain Reference for intense study. I may give it a try as I now have all three.

  18. like to download the bible

  19. for god so love the world

  20. I saw the offer for the Newberry “pocket Edition,” but there was no size of the pages and that is important. I want the size of the page and the font used – couldn’t find anything that gave this info on that pocket edition. does anybody have that info? Thanks. The old warrior in dented armor leaning on his KJV sword.

  21. Does anyone know if the Newberry Reference Bible has been or is planning to republish in an updated English Version, such as NKJV, ESV, etc?

  22. Hi group I have seen the interleaved New berry bible with Michael of Penfold publishing UK. I just bought one copy of small size (not pocket size) it is still in the postal, excited to get this copy of the bible. I have seen this bible in 1991 when I was in Brethren Bible school in Madras and Now I am able to have one copy in my hand after many years of waiting. I know for sure that it is good for the word study as we will be introduced to the route words in the original language. I am native evangelist works among the unreached people groups.

  23. Newberry Bible has been my Bible of choice for at least the past 20 years. Best bet is to pick up an original single column edition from late 1800s and have rebound in a nice leather. The newer ones by Ritchie are ok but the print is smaller and the paper quality is not good, but they keep the price low, selling for $67 or less. I also have the original 6 volume single column and had the NT portion bound in goatskin. This edition is the best for print size and wider margins. The originals are always the best option if you can find one.

  24. Look forward to this

  25. Looking forward to this

  26. I stumbled upon what is a very unusual find. It’s a Newberry Bible Single Column in 2 volumes (OT & NT), black hardcovers, loose leaf with inserted pages throughout. Many blank pages are bound in the back of the NT volume for future inserting. Perhaps it was a “homemade” edition, but very well done. Has anyone ever seen this set before?

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