Apostolic Study Bible Informational Video

Here’s the information from the website:

The Apostolic Study Bible will be available for pre-order beginning January 15.

The Apostolic Study Bible will be available in three variations:

  1. A limited quantity collector’s edition with a premium cowhide cover. This Bible will be stamped with a unique number (only 1000 will be printed), and will include additional pages unique to this version. Among the additional pages are a signature page signed by all the contributing writers and editors and a special introductory letter from the Bible’s General Editor. Limited Edition Price – $139.99
  2. A standard edition with a genuine leather cover. This edition comes with all the features you have anticipated in the Apostolic Study Bible, but without the limited quantity numbering and signature pages. Standard Edition Price – $89.99
  3. A standard edition with a genuine leather cover and thumb index. This edition is identical to the standard edition but with the addition of thumb index. Standard Edition with Thumb Index Price – $99.99


The Apostolic Study Bible features:

  • Study notes written exclusively by Oneness Pentecostal scholars
  • Special emphasis given to passages of scripture that are important to the Apostolic message
  • Feature articles on Pentecostal distinctives of holiness, the new birth, living in covenant, miracles, and more by scholars such as David K. Bernard, Daniel Segraves, and Dave Norris
  • Concordance created with emphasis on Scriptures significant to Oneness Pentecostals


  1. Really excited to see how this turns out!

  2. Me too! It looks like it’s going to be a good one. I’m thinking I will get the thumb-index edition.

  3. About time!!!

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