Attitudes – Wrath

Wrath is strong, violent anger. It often includes rage and the desire to punish or get revenge. It is often displayed through cutting remarks. Wrath often makes us resentful toward others. It is one of the most dangerous attitudes.

Even if we are wronged, God does not want us to display wrath.

For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God. (Jam 1:20 KJV)

We should always strive to treat others in a Godly manner, even when we are wronged or hurt. It is natural to be upset by wrong-doings, but we should never display violent anger.

It can sometimes be difficult to keep calm through disagreements. We must learn to disagree without becoming vengeful and ill-tempered. Even if we are correct in our position and principles, we lose credibility when we display violent behavior.

Wrath must be overcome through prayer and practice. We must seek God to insure we keep our attitudes in check- including wrath.


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