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Creation Museum

Posted by on Aug 29, 2010 in Creation, Reviews, Science

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I recently had the chance to make it to Answers in Genesis’ Creation Museum in Petersburg Kentucky (seven miles west of Cincinnati OH.). It was well worth the trip. It took a full day to go through the museum and we could have stayed longer. The museum focuses on creation, but also includes lots of information from creation up to present day including Adam and Eve, Noah’s flood, Abraham, Jesus, the printing press, and more.

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Rubik’s Cube, Probability, Creation, and Evolution

Posted by on Apr 19, 2010 in Creation, Science

Rubik’s Cube is a simple puzzle, containing six sides with nine squares on each side. The cube can be twisted and turned, mixing up the puzzle, creating many combinations. Twisting the cube in random patterns, we will never see all of the 43 quintillion combinations but the cube can be solved in a matter of minutes, or even seconds, using logical patterns. Logic and intelligence brings order; random chance will only bring chaos.

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Will the World End in 2012? by Raymond Hundley

Posted by on Apr 8, 2010 in Books, Prophecy, Reviews, Science

Will the World End in 2012? by Raymond Hundley is a well-written Christian evaluation of the top ten theories of the 2012 doomsday movement. Hundley covers the Mayans, solar storms, the Hadron Collider, Nostradamus, reversal of Earth’s magnetic poles, collision with Planet X, galactic alignment, super volcanoes, the Web Bot Project, and religious predictions. Hundley evaluates each theory and gives solid reasons why each theory is good or bad based on solid logical arguments. The book includes a simple study guide for individuals or groups.

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Chronological Guide to the Bible, Thomas Nelson

Posted by on Mar 14, 2010 in Archaeology, Bible Buying Guide, Books, Reviews

Chronological Guide to the Bible is the book form of the study notes from the Chronological Study Bible by Thomas Nelson Publishers. This book has the added advantage of working with any Bible. It includes the chronology of every book of the Bible and has information about people, places, and events, making this book indispensable for both chronological and archaeological study.

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