Coming Soon – Search For Truth Study Bible

Available October, 2012 is the Search For Truth Study Bible in KJV from Word Aflame Press. It includes all 80 full-color charts from the Search For Truth 2 Bible Study, including Lesson outlines. It will be available in black or brown Leathersoft.


  1. How much is this search for truth bible going to cost and when is it going to come out in stores?.

  2. Have you purchased this Bible? I’m interested in purchasing it for use as a witnessing tool, but i wanted to hear someone’s opinion before I bought it.

  3. Hi Caleb. I haven’t bought it. I’ve considered it too. It’s the same Nelson Bible that WAP uses for their slim line with doctrinal insert, just without the insert. It has an 8-point font, over 1000 headings in the text, no references, 52 page concordance, and 8 pages of maps.

    You can tell it’s the same Bible from this video:

    I think it would be a good Bible, especially for witnessing and home Bible studies. The slim line with doctrinal insert has Oneness topical references and doctrine in the front, so it would be a good witnessing Bible too. It wish the Search for Truth Bible had the insert in the front. That would be awesome. If I do decide to get it I will be sure to write a review.

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