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Bible software is one of my favorite tools for Bible study. There’s lots of good Bible software out there for free. Free is good. Here are some links to some of the more popular free Bible applications for PC, Mac, and online. Most include many Bibles versions, commentaries, dictionaries, highlighting, note-taking, and other study tools as add-on modules. Some modules are free, while many of them are available for an extra charge. Some Bible applications also have a premium version available.

Bible Explorer

Bible Explorer is probably the most popular free Bible application available. It’s available for PC and Mac. It currently has 3400 add-ons available. It includes a highlighting feature with 12 colors. There are tutorials on the website. You can download it here:


E-Sword is only available for PC and has lots of features, including the ability to color-code. You can get it here:

the Word

the Word has many modules. Some modules are free and many premium modules are available. the Word also includes highlighting and note-taking features. It is available for PC. You can download it here:


Theophilos has 380 downloads. Over 300 of them are free. You can also create your own modules. It is available for PC as a download and as a CD. You can get it here:


YouVersion is an online Bible study application that works through your web browser. There are several Bible versions for reading and you can see them in parallel. You can contribute notes for others to see. It is also available for mobile devices. You can use it here:

There are many others available, but that’s the most popular applications that I know about. Do you have a favorite? If you know of a free Bible study application that needs to be on this list please let me know.

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